If you use a home treadmill regularly, and especially a Sole or Smooth treadmill, you know that you have a great piece of equipment and you’re well on your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle. But do you know exactly which muscles a treadmill workout targets? You probably also know that a treadmill is great for cardio health, but do you know that it can work and strengthen not only the legs, but the upper body as well?

The Core

The word “core” is used to describe the muscles that run the length of the trunk and torso. The core transfer energy from the center of the body to the arms and legs, and gives you a solid foundation. The muscles that make up the core are:

• Rectus Abdominis – Known to most as the “six pack” it is located along the front of the abdomen.

• Erector Spinae – 3 muscles that run along the neck to the lower back.

• Multifidus – Directly underneath the Erector Spinae, the Multifdus run along the vertebral column and they extend and rotate the spine.

• External Obliques – These muscles are located on the side and front of the abdomen.

• Internal Obliques – They run in the opposite direction of the External Obliques, and are located underneath.

• Trasverse Abdominis – The deepest of the abdominal muscles, these muscles wrap around your spine to protect and provide stability.

• Hip Flexors – There are five muscles that make up the Hip Flexors, and they are located in the front of the pelvis and upper thigh. Specifically, these muscles include, Psoas Major, Rectus Femoris, Illiacus, Satorius and Pectineus.

• Glutes – The Gluetial muscles consist of Gluteus Medius and Minimus which are located at the side of the hip. Glueteus Maximus is located at the back of the hip and upper thigh.

• Hamstrings – The hamstrings run along the back of the thigh.

• Piriformis – Located in the Gluetial region of the lower leg.

• Hip Abductors – The Hip abductors are located at the medial thigh.

In addition, to strengthening and working the core muscles, a treadmill workout also targets the legs, including the Quadriceps and Triceps Surae Muscle, and if you swing your arms, you can tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back.

Because running targets many muscles in the body, it is a popular way to get in shape. Not only are you improving heart health, but you are also working the entire body for overall health. A treadmill is a great tool to achieve these results.

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